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"To borrow a phrase from Rod Stewart, they don’t want to talk about it. They’ve been busy not mentioning it for the last year. "

Jeg viste tidligere til bloggeren Pointman's artikkel "The Climate Wars" På "Heartland-tråden",578.msg9897.html#msg9897

I den artikkelen gir Pointman en knallgod analyse av situasjonen i "klimakrigen" slik alarmistene definerer det, og en av observasjonene var at det råder en undergangsstemning blandt alarmistene for tiden. Den artikkelen bør leses. Men nå har han kommet med en oppfølgerartikkel, og denne er enda lengre og grundigere. Også denne er en "must read", for den gir en analyse av situasjonen på begge sider av debatten:

The Climate Wars revisited or No truce with kings.

Noen få utdrag følger:

"Let’s consider the composition of each side’s forces at the start of the war. On their side were; the big moneymen, all the mainstream politicians, most governments, the climate science establishment, the politicised ”yoof” of the world, every organ of the mainstream media (MSM) and all the political activists in the shape of Greenpeace, the WWF, various green parties of whatever national flavour and other assorted nuts and fruit loops, who were absolutely determined to deconstruct western industrial society into their vision of a socialist state in the soviet mould, although with a greenish and therefore virtuous spin. On our side, well, as a matter of fact, we just had us – a few scattered skeptics.

Asymmetric war doesn’t even begin to describe that match up
. Not even UFC would bother staging that bout, because a one round fight is a tough sell at the best of times. Anyway, a few years down the line, let’s work our way through where each of those parties now finds themselves."

Artikkelen fører oss videre, med den ene skarpe observasjonen etter den andre. Nærmere slutten kommer denne passasjen:

"The alarmists have always thought of it as a war and us as the enemy, to whom no mercy is to be shown. As far as they’re concerned, it’s total, unrestricted warfare. It’s as simple and savagely direct as that. As I said in the original piece, if you don’t have a clear understanding of the nature of the beast you’re fighting against, you’ll be destroyed by it. I don’t do dumb, I don’t do wishful thinking and I don’t do helpless victimhood – I do fighting back. If you don’t like that, then you’d better find a more comfortable blog to read.

They’ve accused us for years of being anti-science, paid lackeys of big oil, climate criminals, despoilers of the environment and being drones of some shadowy organised conspiracy against them. We long ago wrote off such accusations as propaganda stereotypes, designed to dehumanise and marginalise us but what you have to take on board is that in a very real sense, they’ve become victims of their own propaganda. The lies have been repeated so often that they now believe them themselves. That is now their operational worldview and their understanding of us and it’s a false one. Essentially, they went to war against and are still fighting, a phantasm figure who is a patchwork product of their own spin machine’s memes. They simply have a false understanding of us and that works in our favour."

I tillegg til de interessante analysene, tilbys en konklusjon:

"It’s Norwegian Blue, a polygon, long gone John, Appomattox courthouse, the war is over, der Krieg ist vorbei, it’s finished, c’est fini."

Les artikkelen!
It is easier to lie to someone than to convince them, that they have been lied to

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Sv: Pointman & The Climate Wars: "they don’t want to talk about it"
« Svar #1 på: mars 17, 2012, 00:14:52 am »
Takk for flott sammendrag, Amatør1. Dette burde virkelig kopieres og limes inn på hvert eneste nettsted her i landet som debatterer klimasaken.
Ja heldigvis flere der ser galskapen; men stadig alt for få.
Dertil kommer desværre de der ikke vil se, hva de ser.


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Sv: Pointman & The Climate Wars: "they don’t want to talk about it"
« Svar #2 på: mars 17, 2012, 09:48:45 am »
Noen ganger er løgnen for stor til at man kan få øye på den.
Og når man ikke kan se at det er en løgn, velger man naturlig å tro på den.