Oppsummering for politikere

Startet av Amatør1, april 25, 2012, 22:38:02 PM

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Følgende video fra American Tradition Institute (ATI) omhandler saken om utlevering av klimaforsker Michael Manns eposter relatert til Climategate, og kan tjene som en oppsummering til politikere som gjerne vil lese seg opp på hva klimapolitikken bygger på og hvilke kontroverser som fortsatt pågår.

"ATI's Freedom of Information lawsuit on behalf of Virginia taxpayers is headed to the Virginia Supreme Court. This video gives the context and a brief history of Climategate and its relation to Michael Mann while at the University of Virginia.

In light of the revelations of Climategate 1 and 2 (in 2009 and 2011) where scientists, including Michael Mann at the University of Virginia (UVA), were seen to be conspiring to alter data to fit their hypotheses, the American Tradition Institute (ATI) argues that Michael Mann's emails regarding the research he was doing at UVA should be made public.

ATI argues that research which has already been published and is being used as a basis for formulating public policy, and was taxpayer funded at a public university should be open to public scrutiny. Michael Mann and UVA argue that email correspondence on UVA accounts between Michael Mann and other scientists while working on the research is private and covered by academic freedom. ATI counters that there was no expectation of privacy that UVA is expressly covered under the FOIA act in Virginia.

Rob Schiling, WINA radio, points out that UVA has previously fired an employee for using university email accounts for private email and this is a taxpayer freedom issue."


It is easier to lie to someone than to convince them, that they have been lied to